LIGHTHOUSE: Meet Kelly Crymble

Sometimes our journey to wellness begins once we realize that our lifestyle choices are limiting our lives. Kelly Crymble's story is different. As the fifth story in our Lighthouse Fitness Project, the "stormy seas" she had to navigate to a healthy life were hers from birth.

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LIGHTHOUSE: Meet Tara Hanna

Ask any runner — the best cure for a bad day is a good, long run. Tara Hanna knows this reality. She knows what it feels like to be made new through running. Tara is courageous in her willingness to share her story because, as she said, "it may help someone else."

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One person at a time

When we started the Platte River Fitness Series, our goal was to improve the physical activity level in our community. There was so much information, so many paradigms about how to get people up and moving. Committees, programs, organizations. It overwhelmed me. What do we do? I decided that I could only do what I knew from personal experience.

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