Running on "The Peak of Heaven"

The Platte River Fitness Series is not just about building strong, healthy bodies.  It is also about the expansive landscape of human potential.  Natasha Jarvis Burch and Ben Ratliff are on a 3-week journey in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal to run the world's highest marathon and half-marathon on Mt. Everest and to summit the 20,305 foot Island Peak.  As ambassadors for the PRFS, you will be inspired by their stories and their journey to "Run on the Peak of Heaven."

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LIGHTHOUSE: Meet Boni Edwards

Boni Edwards found that starting her travels from the good mother stage of life to the wise older woman was a journey of both "ambiguous loss" and unexpected triumphs. She could hardly image that her journey would include so many firsts and that in the autumn of her life, she could make herself anew. 

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LIGHTHOUSE: Meet Brittany McDaniel

This week's Lighthouse Fitness Project is really about shining a light on fitness and a full life for the gifted and not-so-gifted. Bringing everyone into the light of a healthy life means making sure everyone, no matter their background or size, feels truly welcome into a fitness community, and that not only are they welcome at the starting line, the starting line is less without them.  

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