21 Ways To Find Fitness In 2019 

For 18 years, the Platte River Fitness Series has been on a mission. The events in the Series provide a means and motivation for people to make necessary lifestyle changes, and build a community and a sense of belonging to help maintain that lifestyle. Challenge changes people — and what we aspire to do is affect people's entire approach to life, helping them adopt a physically and mentally healthy way of living.

The Platte River Fitness Series (PRFS) is designed to support, inspire, motivate and educate area citizens about the personal and community benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.  We do so by providing tangible, consistent, and varied opportunities to make behavior changes that will last a lifetime.  We encourage positive change and healthier living by fostering a community of people who share the same desire to be healthy, strong and bold.

We have chosen events that are open and inclusive, where every ability level has a place at the start and finish lines.  We make sure that every athlete knows that there is a caring community behind them and that every event is motivating them to reach and maintain their wellness goals.  The PRFS is a socially responsible initiative which encourages local racing, local sponsorship, use of local businesses, and produces proceeds that benefit local charities and organizations.

Competition Focus

What makes the Platte River Fitness Series unique is its focus on fitness through participation. We believe that event-focused training offers individuals the motivation and goal-setting skills required to make lifestyle changes permanent.

The PRFS is designed to provide fitness events that encourage this type of participation. The events have been carefully selected to provide a way for athletes to continue to challenge themselves along their fitness journey by offering a broad range of distances and event types. Athletes can progress from conquering a 5K to a 10K, to a half-marathon, and up to a full marathon. They can accept the challenge of a trail or adventure race. Finally, they can achieve the best possible overall level of fitness for life by training for and participating in the sport of triathlon.

The Present & Future

In 2019, the Platte River Fitness Series will create 21 opportunities and 21 goals to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our events reflect the west-central Nebraska region, extending to communities from North Platte to Brady, and south to McCook. We offer triathlons, 5Ks (3.1 miles), a 9K (5.6 miles), 10Ks (6.2 miles), half-marathons (13.1 miles) and a full marathon (26.2 miles), offering a continuum of challenging fitness activities. 

These events support a variety of community organizations and important causes. These include: The Nebraska Kidney Association, Make-A-Wish of Nebraska, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Lincoln County, numerous scholarships to area high school students, the North Platte Parks, Recreation and Wellness Foundation, the North Platte Public School Backpack Program, TeamMates Mentoring, the Lincoln County Ag Society, Community Connections Substance Abuse Program, area school activity funds, as well as the Platte River Fitness Series itself.

Our goal moving forward will continue to reflect our mission. It is our fervent belief that the well-being of our community begins with healthy, happy and energized citizens. Our athletes, by placing value on their personal health and fitness, have changed the landscape of our communities, and it is our vision to continue to support our changing community culture.


In 2001, a group of North Platte citizens gathered to address the state’s and nation’s ever-worsening obesity crisis. This grassroots organization, known as Healthy for Life, envisioned that North Platte could be full of fitness opportunities and active people — with a reduction in everything from obesity and healthcare costs, to the migration of people away from small communities in search of fitness opportunities and an active community culture. This gathering charged the committee representative from the North Platte Recreation Department with developing a way for the entire community to become more active.

From this mandate and with strong financial support from area physicians, Great Plains Health, the Lincoln County Medical Alliance, and NebraskaLand National Bank, the original initiative involved three fitness “challenges,” including a triathlon, a bike race and a road race. With leadership and continued organizational support from the North Platte Recreation Department, and an expanding list of corporate sponsors and incredible volunteer support, the initiative grew to seven events in 2007 — the inaugural year for the fitness participation challenge now known as the Platte River Fitness Series. From the very beginning, every event was designed to accommodate all ages and abilities.



To establish a culture of health, wellness and physical activity in the North Platte region.

Photo by Leland Poppe

Photo by Leland Poppe



We are inclusive. We welcome all abilities. We place priority on participation. We are a family.