Platte River Fitness Series

MISSION: “To improve community and family wellness through positive experiences in active living.” 

OUR FOCUS: “To provide fitness events in a format that encourages, welcomes, and inspires people of all ages and abilities to make healthy living a priority.”

OUR VISION: “Building Strong Bodies and Bold Spirits.”

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      The Platte River Fitness Series (PRFS) is a unique model for community wellness. It is a fitness initiative representing a partnership between the North Platte Recreation Department and Great Plains Health with the support of a variety of local businesses, civic organizations and communities. The PRFS is designed to support, inspire, motivate and educate citizens about the personal and community benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle by providing them with tangible, plentiful opportunities to make behavior changes last a lifetime. We embrace the model that in order to invite positive behavior change and healthier living, we must foster a community of people on the same quest to live their health and life to the fullest, create events that are open and inclusive where every ability level has a place at the start and finish lines, and where individuals feel cared for and that their health and happiness are important to the entire community. The PRFS is a socially responsible initiative that encourages local participation, local sponsorship, use of local businesses, and produces proceeds that benefit local charities and organizations.
      Because we believe that children cannot learn what we do not teach, the PRFS includes a fitness initiative specifically for children called “Platte River FitKids Series,” that is designed with the same mission as the adult version but with an emphasis on teaching children under 14 that exercise is something that we do for life.

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