Final point totals from past seasons:
2017  |  2016


To earn participation points, an athlete must complete an event and earn a time. To encourage athletes to strive for more, participants are also awarded points for placing in their respective age group by gender in a fitness event. 


Points challenge: 2019 season

You are automatically entered in the PRFS Points Challenge when you complete any race and earn a time. If you finish a race, you will receive participation points based on the difficulty of the event. The more events you enter, the more points you will earn toward the PRFS Points Championship.

If you place in the top 8 in your age group, you will earn additional placing points. (Participation points are not awarded to members of triathlon teams. You must compete as an individual to receive points.) The top 10 in each age group by gender in the Points Challenge at the end of the season are given awards and invited to join a year-end celebration. The top 3 overall, by gender, will receive cash prizes for their accomplishment in the Points Challenge.  All forms of registration will be accepted and earn points.

  • Mile (14 & U) 1 point

  • 5Ks 5 points

  • 9Ks 9 points

  • 10Ks 10 points

  • Half-Marathons 20 points

  • Marathon 40 points

  • Triathlons 20 points

  • Lake to Lake, 18 points (2 person); 12 points (3 person); 8 points (4 person)

Placing Points

Points by age group. Athlete age group is determined by age on race day. Age for the Points Challenge determined by athlete's age on Jan. 1, 2019.

• 1st place 10 points, 2nd place 8 points, 3rd place 6 points, then 5-4-3-2-1 for 4th through 8th place.

Series Finisher Challenge

The ultimate challenge in the Platte River Fitness Series is to complete all 21 events in the 2020 lineup. You must complete each event, and may choose your distance in events that have multiple distances. (Mile will only count for athletes 14 and under.) Those who earn the title "Ultimate Finisher" will receive a special award, along with a one-quarter zip custom running top, and free entry into all 2020 PRSF events.

Those who wish to earn the title "Road Run Finisher" must complete all 18 running/walking events (triathlons are excluded from this category), and you may chose your distance in the events that feature multiple distances. Road Run Finishers will also receive a special award, along with a one-quarter zip custom running top, and free entry into all of the 2020 PRSF road races.


At the conclusion of the final event for the year, accumulated points will be tallied and the overall men’s and women’s point winner, as well as age group winners will be determined. The overall winners, the top 10 in each age group by gender and the Series Finishers by category will be invited to a special Awards Banquet to be recognized for their commitment to their health, to living an active life, and for their willingness to accept personal challenge. Cash awards are presented to the overall winners, special awards to first, second and third in each age-group by gender, and award certificates to 4th-10th place. The invitees are treated to a complimentary meal as well.